Selfie at funeral: Cameron squeezes in on Obama snap at Mandela memorial


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They'll look back on this selfie, years from now, and think "what on earth were we doing? We're world leaders, not a bunch of giggling teenagers. We're attending the memorial service of Nelson Mandela. Couldn't we have waited a bit before goofing around?"

The only person to come out of this with dignity in tact is Michelle Obama, who looks frosty to say the least.

Some commentators on Twitter have pointed out that the angle of selfie-fication looks directed primarily towards Denmark's Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt and Barack Obama, with David Cameron having to quite a bit of squeezing to get into frame.

The tumblr, selfies at funerals, which had closed down, reopened especially to host the defining example of the faux pas it existed to shame. "Our work here is done", the site said. Amen to that.

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