Spooky-couture: the fashion show from hell, via Fantich & Young


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If Satan sported Oxford Shoes, they'd probably look something like this - that is, polished enough to reflect the sufferings of the damned, with 1,050 teeth grafted into the soles for good measure. The shoes, pictured above, are included in a collection of nightmarish objects by designers Fantich and Young. Interested in spooky-couture? Look no further.

The East-London based duo Mariana Fantich and Dominic Young currently have a show in Berlin, Apex Predator, closing 7th February, that features some of the strangest and most unsettling clothes we've ever laid eyes on.

There's a Savile Row suit made of black human hair (with glass eyeballs for buttons, natch), and a pair of stilettos similarly soled with dentures. Take a look at a full gallery here.

The designers say the idea for their show was sparked by the 2008 financial crisis - its themes apparently comment on evolutionary economics, a theory that applies Darwin's principles to financial systems.

But we just can't help thinking of a darn stylish Hallow'een...