Star Wars meets Angry Birds


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Take one of the most popular games ever to hit the iPhone, mix it with the biggest movie franchise in the history of film, and what do you get? Angry Birds Star Wars.

Angry Birds has seen its fair share of spin offs and tie-ins in the past, but the force is strong with its most recent game, as it's received five star ratings from several publications.

Many were a tad annoyed about the recent news that Disney will own Lucasfilm, assuming that the franchise will further sell-out, but reactions to the game have been rather more positive.

Each character has morphed into a bird with an anger management problem, each with their own special move. Luke Skywalker bird even has a lightsabre that he can use to carve through obstacles. 

So the Jedi have returned in feathered form, and they're stronger than ever.

If this new game is your chosen one, may the force be with you.