Straight Men Respond to Gay Men: Please marry our girlfriends


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In case you missed it, last week the comedy campaigning video Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends went viral. In the video some gay men threaten to speed up the fight for marriage equality by stealing away straight mens' girlfriends and marrying them instead.

"What you don't think we could?" asks one man "Have you seen us? We are ripped! All of us are ripped!"

Yesterday Buzzfeed posted a response video in which straight men essentially say "Fine, take them." But do these men actually have girlfriends? As well as seeming to miss the campaigning point of the original, the response relies on lazy gender stereotypes, instead of mocking them.

It's also not as funny. At time of writing, the original video has 69 "LOL" votes, 99 "WIN" votes and only3 "FAILS" on Buzzfeed. The response has 22 "LOL"s, 17 "WINS" and 42 "FAILS".

"Girlfriends", as a group, are yet to have their say.