Teenager downs nitrogen drink, nearly dies


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Turning eighteen is a rite of passage that invites adventurous drinking, but one teenager had surgeons to thank she saw the day through, after downing a -320 Farenheit liquid nitrogen cocktail and having her stomach removed. The Telegraph reports.

Better known in the chemistry classroom than the wine bar, liquid nitrogen is used in cocktails for the "steamy" effect it gives to drink. Gaby Scanlon was celebrating her birthday with friends in Lancaster when she downed a cocktail of the chemical mixed with Jaegermister, before being crippled by stomach pain.

She was taken to hospital where doctors diagnosed a perforated stomach and removed the organ.

The wine bar has stopped serving nitrogen drinks.

But Scanlon seems to be recovering: "Maybe 'stay off the liquid nitrogen' is not a f***ing funny thing to say to me," she tweeted. "I nearly died".