The four men guilty of Delhi gang rape have been sentenced to death. Do you agree with the ruling?


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The four men found guilty of raping and killing a 23-year-old student on a Delhi bus were today sentenced to death by an Indian court.

The extraordinarily brutal case, which rocked India to its core, has been followed by mass protests against sexual violence and the toughening up of laws against rapists.

As the trial progressed protesters demanded that the four men, whose attack left the victim with only 5 per cent of her intestines in tact, be hanged.

Sentencing the accused  judge Yogesh Khanna said "this case definitely falls in the rarest of rare categories and warrants the exemplary punishment of death".

However human rights groups have argued the death penalty should not have been applied. Kate Allen, of Amnesty UK, wrote for Independent Voices in January to say: "This did not happen because the death penalty was not used enough, it happened for a myriad of reasons – foremost of which are prevalent attitudes to women"