The technology of 2023


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If they even woke up at all, there won't be many new year's revellers who roused themselves this morning to wonder what technological marvels the next ten years have in store. Thankfully, Wired has done that piece of thinking for us.

They have a better track record than most; in 2003, the tech magazine published an article predicting the arrival of wrist phones, data goggles, and food safety gadgets by 2013.

By 2023, according to Wired, we'll be able to use foldable screens - so if you want to write a message on that tiny wrist phone, you can fold out a larger screen to type on.

One the team of techno-seers didn't get right in their 2003 predictions, however, was sun-blocking contact lenses. "Look, this was a dumb idea, okay? We admit it. You know what you'll wear in 2023 to protect your eyes from the sun? Sunglasses."

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