These shoes were made for talking: Wendy Davis filibustering trainer wins rave Amazon reviews


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It was what she said (and at what length) that counted, but, in the wake of Texas senator Wendy Davis's marathon 11 hour filibuster this week, what she was wearing has also found itself in the limelight. To whit, a pair of pink, lightweight Mizuno running shoes (RRP $115) have attracted legions of new admirers, satirical and otherwise, on Amazon. Here are some of the top responses:

AL Maginnes: "Letting my wife get these shoes was a huge mistake. Suddenly she insists that one child is enough for us and now she's reading books instead of cleaning the house and having my dinner ready when I get home. She says she doesn't need to ask me who to vote for anymore and told me to clean my own guns."

JT in VA: "What to get the woman in your life who has it all (except the right to decide when and how many children to bear)? Mizuno Women's Wave Riders! In pink.

These provide great support for the grueling hours of uninterrupted standing necessary to explain to her male colleagues the subtle connection between being a whole and equal person, and not being forced by the government to gestate a fetus against her will."

Joshua Jones: "Men, do not try these on! I tried on a pair at the local mall and suddenly Texas Republicans started telling me what to do with my genitals."

Avid Reader: "Though the shoes are quite comfortable and snazzy, I do believe they pose a grave danger for the world as we know it. We all know the world would be a better place if women were kept barefoot and pregnant."

Cullen Newsom: "Patriots, and republicans, should probably purchase as many pairs of these as they can afford, and destroy them! Dig deep to protect the Homeland!"