They call him Quadzilla. Picture captures scale of cyclist Robert Forstemann's massive thighs


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The titanically-thighed cyclist Robert Forstemann displays the leg muscles that propelled him to victory on the weekend in the sprint finals at the Track Cycling World Cup in Manchester, in this photograph taken after the race.

This is not the first time that attention has turned to the prominent quads of Forstemann, who held off the challenge of Nisjane Nicholas Phillip to win the first sprint race of the season.

Last January presenter Sian Welby took out a measuring tape and found that one of the German's thighs had a diameter of a whopping 28 inches, one inch larger than her own waist. Other measurements have put the monster muscle at 34 inches, and some in cycling circles refer to Forstemann as Quadzilla.

Off the track, thigh size is something of a competitive field for pros. Few can rival Forstemann. In this tweeted picture of a "thigh off" the legs of fellow German cyclist Andre Griepel, far larger than your average man's, come off looking like twiglets compared to the original Quadfather.

thigh off.PNG