Tulisa feels she's the "most hated woman in Britain"


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As the singer has been flooded with abusive messages on Twitter, she reveals how she's not feeling very loved by the public.

The 24-year-old X Factor judge told the Mirror: "People just do it for the sake of it - they will sit down and write the most horrific, abusive messages and they couldn't care less.

"Sometimes they are 12-year-old kids sending these things. I've seen grown women read the messages and it brings tears to their eyes.

"I've had people tell me this has happened to them but it's something you have got to let go over your head.

"If I was to base my opinion on Twitter I'd be like, 'Oh my god, I must be the most hated woman in Britain'.

"But I go around the street and despite all the abusive messages not one person comes up to me and says anything other than nice things and ask for a picture."

The former N Dubz star was at the centre of a court case earlier this year which saw her ex-boyfriend found guilty of releasing a sex tape featuring them both, and later found success with her number one single Young.