Twitter reacts to Osborne's spending cuts


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Twitter shifted into top gear as the Chancellor reeled off his plans for the 2015-16 spending review. Propaganda? Check. Screeching? Of course. Some fine bits of 140-character analysis? In place, as always. See the best below:


@gabyhinsliff: doubt Chancellor will get around shortly to explaining why it hasn't all gone to plan, then. *dsnt hold breath*

@simonblackwell: Osborne has already said "all in it together" and "global race" in first minute. Triumphant spendingreview



@jameschappers: Osborne: welfare claimants who cannot speak English will have to attend language courses 'or benefits will be cut' SR13

@Rdarlo: Osborne's new '7 day wait' to claim out of work benefits sounds like good news for paydaylenders & more work for foodbanks

@BBCStephanie: Excluding state pension from welfare cap continues habit of maintaining spending on over-65s. 75% of that spending is not means tested.

@Peston: Odd perhaps that pension not included in welfare cap, given that age-related benefits are arguably biggest looming fiscal problem in west

@alexhern: All those “screw the unemployed” measures in one handy place:



@margarethodge: Bumbling answer from Osborne when I questioned him on the real terms cut in capital investment HOC SR2013

@faisalislam: Is this an admission by the Chancellor, as the DPM has suggested, that it was a serious error in 2010 to halve capital spending?

@duncanweldon: Govt plan appears to have been to slash capital spending in downturn and then increase it once economy starts recovering. How very odd.

@peston: Increase in departmental capital budgets much less than implied. Public sector gross investment actually unchanged 2015-16, at £50.4bn


Local government:

@CarolineLucas: 10% cuts to local govt will be devastating - Chancellor outsources pain of cuts once again

@BenChu_: Osborne boasting about cuts to local government spending - so he's happy about collapse in social housing construction?


Foreign office:

@Benedictbrogan: Hague is best foreign secretary we have had in a generation says GO. Hague checks for his wallet [following 8% cut to budget] SR2013



@_Johnrolfe: Well done George_Osborne for protecting the DFID_UK budget. Important that Britain is a global leader in international development. SR13

@IsabelOakeshott: If Osborne axed entire dfid budget for a year, he wouldn't have to find any other savings for 15/16.Just pointing it out. Not saying he shd


Ed Balls' response:

@Georgeeaton: So far this is Balls's strongest ever response to Osborne. #SR2013

@TimMontgomerie: If Labour are outraged at cuts why is Ed Balls making so many jokes? Better to be serious than making it look like it's all a political game

@IsabelHardman: And there was me thinking Ed Balls wasn't going to have a shouty half hour and was instead going to talk about iron discipline...



@xtophercook: Is it time for my annual rant about how stupid the budget process is? Ed Balls is critiquing a document he hasn't been allowed to see.

@MichaelDugherMP: George Osborne wearing quite a lot of make-up. He looks like Marie Antoinette...