Twitter: The best of #TweetLikeALefty


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Twitter's incendiary side was on show this morning as the TweetLikeaLefty hashtag started trending, encouraging satirists to impersonate left wingers.

@BBCPropaganda: Somebody somewhere is better off than me so I deserve more and they should pay for it.

@Thatchers_Child: I believe in freedom of speech except for when I disagree with you. You should be banned from tweeting.

@DanHannanMEP: Your hate-filled Little Englander bile makes me physically sick!

@detumescance: The real criminals in society are those who have stolen the wealth of the world from the people

@LOcculta: I hate capitalism, it's a horrible system, which is why I'm tweeting from my new iPhone

@screwlabour: Throwing other peoples money at everything will solve the worlds problems..

@BigMendy: There is currently a #TweetLikeALefty hashtag going on. It's full of sensible policy somehow presented as crazy