When pensioners fight back


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A pensioner has been banned from Tesco after allegedly ramming staff members at the supermarket with her trolley after being less than happy with the service.

Dismayed with accusations of bullying, the 83 year-old told the Birmingham Mail:

"It's a trumped-up charge...Bullying? You must be joking."

He daughter has reportedly asked to see CCTV footage as proof, but Tesco has yet to oblige.

She's not the first pensioner to fight back as earlier this month a grandfather in Dublin walked out with games from HMV, after he was told he wouldn't be able to use the €40 gift voucher he bought for his grandson for Christmas.

At the end of last year a slightly more serious case was reported, when a 6ft 4in man attacked a pensioner, and was left with a dislocated shoulder after his victim floored him with two right hooks. The pensioner just happened to be an ex-boxing champion.

And how can we forget super-gran? An elderly woman stopped a group of robbers breaking into a jewellery shop in 2011 - by attacking them with her handbag.

So what can we learn from all of this? OAPlease don't mess with pensioners.