Why was everyone so angry at Oscars 2013?


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There were smiles from the winners at last night's Oscars, but this is a gala event built as much on fury and disappointment as it is celebration - as a wonderful GIF-wall capturing the expressions of history's losers captures in excruciating detail.

With the cameras trained on them stars must be careful to keep a lid on spasmodic facial reactions (or any movement at all - nobody wants a repeat of Meryl Streep's mistaken jump).

But fans can react with all the disgust they want when a preferred candidate misses out on a gong, or anything else sticks in their craw - and Twitter bore the brunt last night.

Film hate

@caracarrobs: I wanted to punch a wall after I saw life if pi plz don't bring it up oscars it just brings back anger #oscars

@SaraLaurenByers: How the hell did Argo win?? #jipped #oscars #grrr

Celeb hate

@darbiw: I really couldn't hate Seth McFarlane much more in this moment. #Oscars

@BSyria: Why is the Michelle Obama presenting in the Oscars? What kind of rubbish is this?

@daveweigel: I hate myself and am jealous of the lives led by celebrities. #everyoscartweet #oscars

Genre hate

@briangaar: And I Am Telling YOU I Hate Musicals #Oscars

@EdgeofSports: If you hate frat humor and also despise tv-produced musical theater, you might want to avoid the Oscars tonight.

Fashion hate

@Pfro: i also hate it when actresses wear dresses the same color as their skin tone #jessicachastain

It seems for some viewers Les Miserables was a winner all night...