Woman saved from falling down the gap in Japan, and other acts of train heroism


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This week a Japanese woman was rescued from being squashed by a train after she did what we all fear and fell down the gap.

Dozens of passengers were quick to react and together pushed the 32-tonne train carriage away from the woman in her 30s, and she was able to get away with minor injuries.

This kind of worldwide travel-related endeavour really prove commuter relations matter.

In 2009, a woman drunkenly fell on to train tracks in Boston’s subway (video below). In an excruciatingly close call, people on the platform successfully waved the oncoming train to a halt while leaning over the platform.

Similarly this video below of the Metro in Madrid shows a subway hero get down on to the tracks to lift up a fallen person and safely get them to the other side as a train arrives.

And earlier this year, a girl was saved in Sao Paulo, Brazil, at the very last second by fellow passengers pulling her up in the nick of time.

So look about when you’re on the train - the group around you may just be heroes. And it is definitely worth being nice to the people who might just save your life!