Leading Article: Send her off and let me watch the football!

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MOST BRITISH men would rather watch the World Cup on television than have sex with the woman of their dreams, according to a recent survey. What is going on?

The detailed findings are, if anything, even more difficult to fathom. Think about Denise van Outen. Think about Kate Moss. But more than 95 per cent of men aged 20-34, and surely at the peak of their libido, said that not even the chance of going to bed with their fantasy woman would tear them away from the screen after kick-off this summer. Well, Scotland are playing, after all. The over-35s are said to be more likely to be distracted by Kim Basinger or some other sex symbol turning up on their doorsteps, but still only 40 per cent of them admitted they could be lured away by a dream woman, with 60 per cent sticking to Argentina vs Cameroon. Reminding ourselves of the welter of opinion polls on the Government's first year, we are confronted with the possibility that sex is less popular than new Labour. These are dangerous times. Who will you be playing this summer ?