LETTER : A man's home or his prison?

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From Chief Insp D. Scougal

Sir: I was saddened by the cover of Section Two (4 January) which had a Neighbourhood Watch sign juxtaposed with a handgun and a slogan "How far would you go?". Neighbourhood Watch is about looking after your property and that of your neighbours, taking sensible crime prevention action and reporting suspicious persons to the police. It has nothing to do with vigilante actions, violence or weapons.

Here in the Northumbria Police area, robust pro-active policing, good intelligence and partnership with councils, housing officers, social services, other agencies and our communities in Neighbourhood Watches have helped achieve a reduction in crime for the fourth year in succession.

Yours faithfully,

D. A. Y. Scougal

Chief Inspector

Washington Area Command

Washington, Tyne & Wear