Letter: Advice for lone women drivers

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The Independent Online
Sir: You note in your leading article today that 'the time has surely come for the police . . . to provide the public with advice on how best to deal with this unpleasant phenomenon' (robbery from cars which are being driven).

Your readers may be interested to know that Battersea police have been running a two-hour course designed for women driving alone which covers almost all foreseeable concerns. Publicity material, sponsored by the Battersea Crime Prevention Panel, is also distributed, detailing the main safety points.

Only yesterday an attempted crime of this kind was thwarted by a lone female driver in Battersea who took sensible steps. She was stopped while driving by a man who claimed to be a police officer. She stayed safely inside her locked car and lowered her window just far enough to ask for proper identification. After failing to convince her of his bona fides, he gave up and left, whereupon she reported the matter straightaway to the police. In all, a good example of level- headedness.

We are only too eager to spread the word on staying safe.

Yours faithfully,


Community Crime Prevention,

Metropolitan Police Service

Battersea Police Station

London, SW11

19 October