Letter: Africa needs aid

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Sir: If it is true that governments in the EC are contemplating a reduction of aid to Africa, as the Oxfam advertisement (24 September) indicates, I hope they will think again.

The shortage of food in much of southern Africa is similar to the position in Somalia a year ago, and many of the horrors occurring in that country could have been averted if early warnings had been heeded and acted upon.

Rather than reduce aid, food aid should be increased from our huge surpluses, where appropriate, as should debt relief and other forms of financial and material help.

Our economic difficulties are trifling compared with the plight of millions now facing starvation. Our government should use all the influence at its disposal, by precept and example, to bring about an increase in aid from all EC governments and those of other wealthy countries.

Yours, etc,


Keyworth, Nottingham