Letter: After Dunblane: we must reshape the way we live

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After Dunblane: we must reshape the way we live

Sir: A pin might have been heard to drop in this village at 9.30am on Sunday if anyone had been so inconsiderate as to let one fall. With the nation, and with other nations, we reflected on the horror which befell the people of Dunblane and kept in our silent prayer those children and their teacher who died and those who were injured, and not least those who are bereaved and who continue to suffer in hospital. Yet this is not enough.

To seek to restrict possession of guns is also not enough. We have to reshape the way we live in what here, in Britain, is an increasingly materialistic society and to return to or to discover the way which Christ taught us. You do not need to look far for what has gone wrong. Radio and television, newspapers and magazines have become increasingly coarse and lacking in sensitivity. The three learned professions, church, medicine and law, are increasingly expected not to put the needs of people first but to operate within cash-dictated guidelines, allowing people to die if the figures in an account book do not add up. Unless we change, the lesson of Dunblane will be lost.

Stanley Best