Letter: Age of consent debate rages on

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Sir: Parliament has decided that I and all other gay men are to be regarded as inferior citizens, unworthy of the most basic right of equality before the law. Clearly, the question is not only one of the prosecution of men for consensual sex, but that a clear message has been delivered by Parliament reinforcing institutional discrimination against gay men and lesbians for years to come.

Like many gay men born after the 1967 Act (a month after, in my case), I somehow felt that the law was something from another era. Ignorance and malice come as no surprise to gay men, but Monday night's vote is a distressing reminder of the hatred still expressed by those charged with formulating law for the benefit of all.

Those of us at Parliament overwhelmed an unprepared handful of police with the intensity of our anger. Such passion will ensure that this issue will not disappear.

Yours faithfully,


London, NW3