Letter: Aid represents hope for Bosnia

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Sir: Recent reports that humanitarian aid is failing to reach central Bosnia are not entirely correct. Feed The Children has had aid- supply depots and teams operating in Croatia and central Bosnia since June 1992. Despite the immense hazards facing them, they have been able to take and distribute the aid direct into central Bosnia, to babies, children and mothers facing terrors of every kind.

Because the news appears to be little but more bloodshed, more failed ceasefires and the turning back of aid convoys, it is vital to inform your readers that our programme of aid is successful. Feed The Children has distributed pounds 6.5m worth of aid into former Yugoslavia, and every day deliveries are made. There are people throughout central Bosnia, and on the borders, and in Croatia, who are still alive and hopeful, solely because of the aid programme.

Whatever the military, political and weather situation brings, we want Independent readers to know that their help is relevant and of massive value. It needs to continue and to increase. For thousands of people living through this devastating calamity it is the only sign of continuing care.

May I take this opportunity to thank all those Independent readers who have so generously supported the work of Feed The Children through your Bosnia Appeal.

Yours faithfully,


Director, Feed The Children

Reading, Berkshire