Letter: Alcohol could give female golfers a vote

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Sir: I was interested to read in your article about Dalmahoy, and about golf clubs which discriminate against their female members, that 'at most clubs women have no voting rights' ('Dalmahoy an exception to men's rule', 30 September).

I wonder whether the clubs in question are aware of the fact that if they sell alcohol to members under the authority of a registration certificate issued by the local magistrates (as opposed to holding a full Justices licence), then they would be in breach of Schedule 7 of the Licensing Act 1964, which requires that in order to qualify as a club entitled to sell alcohol in this way, all members who use the club premises must be able to vote.

I would suggest that any women who are members of golf clubs but have no vote should immediately point this fact out to their club committee.

Yours faithfully,


London, WC2

1 October