Letter: Allegations of Muslim 'self-slaughter' in Bosnia

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Sir: Leonard Doyle's report (22 August) is distressing in more ways than one. If the sum and substance of the UN's 'confidential reporting' on Bosnia is to focus on discovering a new scapegoat in the form of 'Muslims slaughter their own people', it is simply adding insult to injury.

The UN, particularly its Secretary-General and his staff, have shown inexplicable inactivity, even insensitivity, to the deaths of the Muslims in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The evidence of mass slaughter and 'ethnic cleansing' is so huge, widespread and incontrovertible that excuses such as these can only further impair the already low level of the UN's credibility.

Criticism has been mounting against the UN for suppressing information about the Serb-controlled concentration camps. It seems the new 'leaks' are directed at 'cleansing' some of this guilt.

The UN General Assembly has now been called to discuss the Bosnian issue. This new canard of 'Muslims slaughtering themselves' is not going to help the UN against the criticism it will have to face for its inactivity and even double standards.

Yours faithfully,


Parliament House

Islamabad, Pakistan

22 August