LETTER : Angry and joyful on VE Day

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From Mr S. Srawley

Sir: It is with an overwhelming sense of anger that I anticipate the arrival of the VE Day celebrations. So many people during the war gave their lives in the unselfish hope that their sacrifice would help to bring a better world. It was a vision wholly shared by the government of the time. During Britain's darkest days the laws which they passed were designed to build a land where ignorance, poverty and their attendant ills would be eradicated and education was a cornerstone of this entire creation.

Does the Government really think that a legacy of this nature will be so lightly set aside in favour of their own current short-term thinking? Starving schools of cash and reviling the teachers who staff them is not an educational policy. It is a recipe for disaster which parents and governors such as myself will not tolerate and against which we will continue to protest. We are all only too well aware of the debt we owe to better men.

Yours faithfully,


Abingdon, Oxfordshire