Letter: Animals are not sacks of flour - and British lamb cannot be French

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Sir: Your leading article 'Europe responds to our animal passions' (21 June) fails, I fear, to address the real issue, namely why do live animals have to be exported for slaughter?

The British Veterinary Association has long been opposed to the export of animals for immediate slaughter and believes that all animals should be slaughtered as near to the point of production as possible. We object to animals being treated as inert commodities and moved around at the chance dictate of fluctuating markets. Loading and unloading even for the provision of food and water causes stress, hence our ongoing call for an eight-hour maximum journey time and the implementation of effective methods of enforcement.

Any rules governing the transport of animals throughout Europe must give paramount consideration to the welfare of the animals concerned.

Yours faithfully,



British Veterinary Association Animal Welfare Foundation

London, W1

21 June