Letter: Annie could give Sinead a few career tips

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I AGREE with Annie Lennox when she wrote (Letters, 6 December) that Sinead O'Connor is uniquely talented, and I was sad to read that she felt my tongue-in- cheek gesture during the Brits was puerile and embarrassing. Playing Whitney Houston's version of 'The Star Spangled Banner' as a tribute was a mildly witty way of expressing displeasure at Sinead's lack of professionalism in cancelling an appearance (and performance) at the last moment.

I admire Sinead's vocal ability but suspect that she has become hypnotised by celebrity to the detriment of her talent. I'd love her to take herself less seriously as a social commentator and concentrate on making gems like 'Mandinka' and 'Nothing Compares . . .'.

Miss Lennox herself is a wonderful example of an artiste who has cleverly balanced controversiality and rebellion with art and humour. She is perfectly poised to give Sinead valuable advice instead of egging her along the path to self-destruction.

Jonathan King

London W1