Letter: Antenatal attitudes

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Sir: Maggie Brown's description ('Now it's standing room only at the antenatal clinic', 1 June) of King's College Hospital's antenatal clinic is depressingly familiar. I suffered a similar experience during my first pregnancy in 1991. At the beginning of my second pregnancy last year, a chance remark made by the midwife alerted me to the possibility of 'full care' provided by my GP. As a result I visited the clinic twice, once to book in and once for a routine scan. All other tests and check-ups were performed by my GP.

Unfortunately, I had a stressful pregnancy, but I was given huge amounts of support by my GP - which I doubt could have been offered by the clinic. I had never heard of full care before and have no idea how widespread it is, but I would urge any pregnant woman to ask for this and avoid the stress and exhaustion caused by hospital visits.

Yours faithfully,


London, SE22