Letter: AZT never claimed to be a miracle cure for Aids

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YOUR FEATURE on the controversy surrounding the use of AZT and the results of the Concorde trial mentioned demonstrators outside the Terrence Higgins Trust's offices. These demonstrators distribute literature which denies that HIV is a causal factor in the development of Aids. This view, which has met with a general rejection by most workers in the field, has led its adherents to be extremely hostile to any drug treatment. In addition, they have for some time demonstrated hostility to any organisation which rejects their unorthodox views. It is ironic that at present their animus should be directed against the trust, which has a distinguished record of providing practical support to people with HIV and Aids and telling the public about this medical condition.

As someone who has Aids himself, I naturally sympathise with people with HIV who feel that there are no treatments available to them. It is entirely understandable that they feel frustrated, powerless and angry. It is difficult to be angry with a micro-organism so their rage is directed on to a more easily identifiable target.

It is even more difficult to excuse their tactics which seem designed to intimidate our clients.

Martyn Taylor

Terrence Higgins Trust

London N1