Letter: Believable Bond

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From Mr Steven Popper Sir: Thank you for Martin Sterling's article on George Lazenby "James Bond: licence revoked", 14 December). Not only did Lazenby portray Bond convincingly, he also convincingly portrayed him in love - not the easiest of tasks for a new actor. He also man aged to make the fight and action scenes believable.

Bond survived Lazenby but Lazenby's Bond was the last time that Ian Fleming could be detected as an influence. When Bond is finally accepted/rediscovered by those who authorise and define "art", then it will be On Her Majesty's Secret Service that is rated out of the entire canon. It breaks all the rules of what would become an increasingly formulaic series. It is also the only film where the fantastic set-up of M, Bond, the buildings at Regent's Park etc is absolutely believable. The whole t hing restssquarely on Lazenby's lyrical performance.

From Rochester with love, STEVEN POPPER Rochester, Kent