Letter: Bosnian Muslims are not guilty of mass brutality against civilians

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RAJKO BOGOJEVIC iterates the same unfounded claim that has been repeated daily since April 1992 through the Western media, namely: 'all belligerents . . . are responsible for the most horrible crimes' (Letters, 25 July). No one denies there have been acts of vengeance by Muslims who witnessed the rape of their wives and the slaughter of their children. But there is no proof of mass crimes by Muslims against civilians. Accordingly, the media should not put individual acts of vengeance driven by provocation on an equal footing with cold-blooded massacres and planned rapes, driven by wanton brutality, of women, and children as young as five years old. For 16 months the Serbs have been killing Sarajevans.

The frequent mention of 'all sides are guilty' and of the war being a 'civil war' has been successful in relieving public pressure and justifying the shameful collusion of Western leaders with the Serbs.

Dr Salah Ezz