Letter: Bosnia's 'worst single atrocity'

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Sir: I have just returned from Sarajevo, having volunteered two weeks of my time to help the people of that war-torn country. As a general surgeon, I helped to operate on many civilian victims who, without medical help, would have died of their shrapnel wounds.

Hearing today about the massacre of 60 civilians and a further 200 injured, I am ashamed to call myself a European. All these people are normal, well-educated and consider themselves victims of war- mongering buffoons.

Croats, Muslims and Serbs all live together in Sarajevo; prior to this disgusting war, it was one of the most cultured cities in Europe. The Gulf War, let us remember, was fought against a dictator thousands of miles away. We have in this war two dictators, Milosevic and Karadzic, both on the same side, on our doorstep. What's the difference? Dare I say, wealth and oil?

The time has come to stop this once and for all. If every man and woman in this country spent one day in Bosnia, they would then


Yours sincerely,


Consultant Surgeon

Charing Cross Hospital

London, W6

6 February