Letter: BT's strange list of my `friends'

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Letter: BT's strange list of my `friends'

Sir: In 1995 I accepted BT's "Friends and Family" discount on call charges to five customer-selected numbers.

When last March discount and numbers were doubled I chose nine. BT confirmed but added a hotel number, which I cancelled.

In June they recommended a new list which excluded two of my choice and added a building society, and two very rare contacts. On complaining, I was told to ignore the form.

Now another recommended list excludes three of my choice and adds a software company, an electrical manufacturer, the removed building society and a called-back wrong number. To make the BT-projected savings I would need to keep chatting to this lot.

My July account even included under F&F my own number with a nil charge. What is the purpose of this irritating nonsense and the associated bumf, which has to be read in case it hides something of importance?


Budleigh Salterton, Devon