Letter: Camelot post was no lottery

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Sir: In your article on the Lottery (30 May) you list the membership of Camelot's remuneration committee. Against the names of my male colleagues you indicate the work or commercial experience of each, but when you come to me the only information, apart from my age, that you give is the name of my spouse and what his former job was.

When a newspaper makes it so clear that who I am married to is more important than anything else about me - my educational background as a former teacher or my business experience over 23 years (board member of Thames Television and of Barclays Bank, chairman of the London Tourist Board, president of Women in Management) - then they are either implying that I am not qualified to hold this job or are infringing journalistic good practice on equality.

Women are going to go on achieving senior positions despite being married to men with a high profile.


Non-executive Director of Camelot Group plc

London SW1