Letter: Care after school

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Sir: There is a huge emphasis on after-school care for the single parent. Our club in Milton Keynes operates as a parent co-operative. Children from "two-parent families" are equally welcome, as they also benefit from after-school play and communal activities.

Quite rightly there are grave concerns over provision of suitably trained staff. Over the past three years I have had great difficulty in attracting applicants of the right calibre. The UK undervalues the role of the playworker. Whilst we welcome any training initiative from the Government, I hope it won't deteriorate into a way of keeping young people occupied and off the unemployment register while they find something better.

I hope that due concern is given to accommodation. Your article "Harman's after school care dream holed by lack of staff" (27 November) refers to clubs running in "schools, community centres, youth clubs and church halls". In the brave new world of Milton Keynes, our schools are modern and do not lend themselves to multiple use of the facilities. Open-plan classrooms are impossible to share for both educational and play purposes.


Chair, Management Committee

Heronsgate After School Project

Milton Keynes