Letter: Carers themselves need support

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Sir: The article on Mr Derek Munday and his wife ('The day Diane's husband became someone else', 7 January), prompts me to write to praise the much maligned National Health Service.

I lost my husband two months ago after he had suffered from a stroke two years previously. He was nursed at home by me and this was made possible by the magnificent support of Sutton Social Services. We received daily visits from the district nurses which towards the end were stepped up to three visits daily by two nurses - the help of six nurses a day.

Apart from visits from our GP, my husband received visits at home from the psychogeriatric consultant, the psychologist, the community psychiatric nurse, the physiotherapist, the speech therapist, the dietician and the occupational therapist who provided us with much help. As if that were not enough, I had help from the Homecare service and Crossroads Care Attendance Scheme so that I could have some free time of my own.

I would like to thank the devoted people who gave their care so cheerfully and professionally and enabled my husband to have a dignified and peaceful death.

Yours faithfully


Sutton, Surrey