Letter: Champion of the poor

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Sir: The United Nations stands at a crossroads in its history. Facing a cash and credibility crisis the UN needs major reform and requires a new vision for the future.

The election of a new Secretary General in the person of the Irish President Mary Robinson represents that hope for the future. She has been a constant champion for the poorest of the poor, is outspoken against injustices and is imbued with democratic instincts.

President Robinson has emerged as the clear successor to the current incumbent. The former British Permanent Representative to the UN, Sir Anthony Parsons, sees her candidacy as a "very strong runner" (report, 4 June). His seasoned opinion is shared by the people she has reached out to touch.

It is vital that the British government is urged by the public to join the growing groundswell and endorse her candidacy for this post. Ireland will lose a great President but the world will gain a woman of vision and ability.


Director, GOAL