LETTER: Charles and Diana: both committed to helping young people

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From Mr E. H. Salmon

Sir: Your editorial "The Queen of Hearts turns up trumps" (7 December) claims that the Prince of Wales lacks the common touch, but shows an almost wilful disregard for the range of his charitable interests. The Prince's Trust, the Prince's Trust Volunteers, and the Prince's Youth Trust have the shared aim of helping young people who face disadvantages of many different kinds in our society.

The prince is the founder active president of these trusts, whose record is impressive and insufficiently acknowledged by the media. Whenever he is on his travels, he makes a point of spending time with young people, understanding their concerns and showing great interest in their achievements. This is very much appreciated by all who meet him.

Because of his position, the prince's public statements may have to be less forceful that Princess Diana's but there is no doubt that they are both committed to helping, in whatever way they can, young people whose experience of problems such as homelessness, unemployment, and racial discrimination, give them little hope for the future.

Yours faithfully,

E. H. Salmon

London, SE22

11 December