Letter: Class concerns in Warwickshire: why should rural communities lose out?

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Sir: Alan Smith draws attention to the wider consequences of the closure of village schools in Warwickshire. However, may I, as a former adviser for adult education in the county, add one more. Village schools have always been the centre not only for primary education but all forms of adult education, both formal and informal.

If we are truly to turn Britain into 'the learning society' we often hear spoken about, then we need to think seriously of what facilities such a concept will require in small communities such as those in Warwickshire destined to lose their village school. We need a national debate on the infrastructure this 'learning society' will require in the 21st century. Warwickshire's closure of well-loved village schools could provide us with the very starting point we need for debate.

Yours sincerely,


Witham, Essex

10 October