Letter: Courteous and kind

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Sir: I would not like your readers to think that all Britons behave to Germans in the appalling way that Tom Beck and his wife have been treated (letter, 13 March).

My husband is German; I am British. We moved to my homeland 41 years ago, when I finished working for the Control Commission in Germany, where, certainly, I always met with much kindness. My husband worked for a large industrial firm for many years and was accepted on every level with understanding friendliness.

My mother-in-law visited us for six weeks every year, and as she spoke no English we all spoke German. We took her on tours all over Britain and were invariably met with courtesy and kindness.

In our working life (we later owned a restaurant) and our social life we have never, ever, neither our children nor ourselves, been made to feel uncomfortable because of my husband's nationality.



Hereford and Worcester