Letter: Cyclists blamed for the inept few

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Sir: I heartily agree with John Lewis (letter, 14 May) regarding cycling on footpaths being the result of laziness.

My local Lib Dem council has just spent a fortune carving up the Teddington roads to provide cycle paths. Whilst this has caused me, as a driver, great inconvenience due to the bizarrely laid out new road plan, it has certainly helped me, as a cyclist, feel slightly more secure. However, I am frustrated and angry, when, as a pedestrian, I have to dive for cover as cyclists persist in racing along the pavements.

On two separate occasions in the past week I have been physically hit by cyclists who blatantly ignore the carefully painted cycle paths and still insist on using the pavements.

"Pavement rage" will undoubtedly be the new scourge of society and yes, it will be initiated by me.