Letter: Cyclists blamed for the inept few

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Sir: Only one feature of the replies by your motorist correspondents (Letters, 13 May) to Hugh Hollinghurst's letter about lawbreaking cyclists was surprising: it is the first time I have seen it suggested that cyclists pose a danger to motorists. Must it be pointed out that cyclists do not wear metal jackets and do not travel at 40mph?

During my daily cycle ride between the station and my London office, I see vehicles crossing red lights in large numbers. I see vehicles speeding over pedestrian crossings. I see pedestrians and cyclists regularly imperilled by woeful disregard by motorists for safety and courtesy. I suggest that any sceptics watch a major London road junction for a few minutes.

I do not approve of lawbreaking by motorists or cyclists. Lawbreaking by cyclists sets back rather than advances the cyclists' cause. But it takes no more than a few moments' observation to see which is more common and which is the greater hazard.


Reed, Hertfordshire