Letter: Dangerous biking

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Letter: Dangerous biking

MOTORBIKES should be as noisy as possible (letters, 6 and 7 April); they are often so badly driven that the noise is useful in alerting the rest of us to dive for cover.

On a recent journey into London by car, as rush-hour traffic was leaving the city, I was suddenly shocked to see a motorbike coming towards me on the wrong side of the road. In the next half hour I counted 12 motorbikes by-passing traffic congestion in a similar way, with no regard for safety or the rule of law.

Eight days ago, a speeding motorbike, overtaking on a bend, went out of control and veered across the road hitting a cyclist. My friend, the cyclist, sustained severe head injuries and is still in a coma. The noise irresponsible motorcyclists make is the least of our worries.


London SE26