Letter: Dangers in the industrial field

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Sir: While sympathising with Charles Fisk's current condition ('Oil worker 'exposed to high radiation' ', 12 May), I would point out that he was employed by Oilfield Inspection Services during the period 1 January 1974 to 20 April 1982. That company now forms part of this group.

During his employment, Mr Fisk was issued with film badges which were processed and reported on by the National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB). Retained records show that Mr Fisk's total recorded radiation exposure during his employment with Oilfield Inspection Services was approximately 15 per cent of the maximum radiation exposure permitted by law.

As a market leader in technical inspection, it has always been this company's policy to adopt a safe working practice for its employees, particularly in the field of radiation safety. The company only uses trained and experienced industrial radiographers. All these radiographers undergo independent periodic medical review and are monitored by the use of film badges, which are processed by the NRPB. Legislation requires that radiographers always wear a film badge while working with radiation, and it is a serious breach of company discipline for a radiographer not to wear his film badge when using radiation emitters.

The company employs a full- time radiation safety adviser, and contracts the NRPB, at company expense, to audit independently its safety procedures and working practices. It also operates an independently accredited training school, which provides safety training for its own and other companies' industrial radiographers. Every company employee involved in radiography is issued with a set of safety procedures covering all foreseeable emergency situations. Our company's record in radiation safety is excellent, and we continue to work in full compliance with the most stringent international radiation safety requirements.

Yours faithfully,



OIS International Inspection plc

Newark, Nottinghamshire

12 May