Letter: Do apes want human rights?

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I READ with horror your mini- paragraph 'Say what you like about . . . News at Ten' (4 July) The last-mentioned item was that it had 'made a star out of the Skateboarding Duck'.

In the late Seventies I was working for Nationwide as a reporter, from my base at Pebble Mill in Birmingham. One assignment took me to Croydon where lived Herbie, the duck who'd been taught to run alongside a skateboard and leap on - travelling 15ft or more without assistance. I was the reporter on that film which won an award from the Royal Television Society and became part of television folklore.

News at Ten did many things. It didn't make a star out of the nicest little duck, outside a restaurant, I've ever met.

Alan Towers

'Midlands Today' Sport

Pebble Mill, Birmingham