Letter: Dogged voters

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Sir: Further to "Power to the pooches" (11 April), dogs do have the chance to vote.

Dogs Today magazine researched and printed each party's dogifesto and is encouraging every dog in Britain to use its right to suffrage. All votes received are eaten by a life-size Ballot Boxer, then displayed on our Bones-for-Votes swing-o-meter.

Labour are currently romping home like a typical Lab - they have 51 per cent of the votes. Lib Dems and Tories have been scrapping, but Lib Dems are a cold nose ahead at 26 per cent with the Conservatives in the dog house with only 2.3 per cent.

Over 635 dogs have already voted and we'll keep our Ballot Boxer open until the human version closes. Unfortunately, due to over zealous house training, some ballot papers have been spoiled.


Top Dog

Dogs Today,

West End, Surrey