Letter: Double-checks on bills for wills

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The Independent Online
Sir: In your coverage of the recent Which? survey of wills ('Wills drafted by solicitors and banks attacked', 6 October), you report the magazine as saying that controls on banks and solicitors acting as executors are needed urgently. While there are no external controls on the way a bank charges for an executorship, it is not true to say that there are no controls on solicitors.

In addition to the existing controls on solicitors, there will shortly be additional protection for the public. From 1 November, beneficiaries under a will where a solicitor is executor will be able to ask the Law Society for an independent check on the bill if there is a difference of view over the fairness of the solicitor's charges.

When making their will, therefore, members of the public can confidently appoint solicitors as executors.

Yours faithfully,


Director, Legal Practice

The Law Society

London, WC2