Letter: Dual role of MP and MEP

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Sir: The Obituary for Sir Tom Normanton (14 August) stated that "he was the last Conservative politician to sit at both Westminster and Strasbourg at the same time". Not so.

Currently in the House of Commons, representing the Vale of York, is Miss Anne McIntosh who is also the MEP for North Essex and South Suffolk. Her MEP predecessor was David Curry who for two years also had a dual mandate after being elected as a Westminster MP for Skipton and Ripon. Perhaps both feel there is a close affinity between the counties of Essex and Yorkshire.

Being an MP should be a full-time job, whether it be representing a Westminster constituency or a European one. I cannot see how the needs of both can be fully undertaken by one person simultaneously.

I have to say that I am disappointed because Miss McIntosh has an excellent record and reputation as a hard-working MEP.

She is a pro-Europe Tory, but in her Euro constituency she has had to contend with the antics of the Eurosceptics in her own Party. I wonder if this is why she has decided on a new political career in Yorkshire.


(Colchester, Lib Dem)

House of Commons

London SW1