LETTER : Dunblane massacre: glorification of violence is not confined t o gun lovers

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Sir: We will never understand what motivates a person to commit an act of such utter horror as witnessed in Dunblane this week. However, I wonder if media attention contributes. Perpetrators of such unspeakable acts make the headlines and for a brief spell achieve the notoriety that they could not accomplish otherwise.

When such a tragedy happens and the perpetrator commits suicide would it not be better to have limited coverage? Do the media really have to intrude upon the grief of individuals? Does the country need a breakfast television programme based in the town? Do they need to stop passers-by, asking pointless questions?

The media try to find reasons for such acts, when there are not rational reasons or certain solutions. The banning of guns to particular individuals would not have stopped the flamethrower attack on the Irish A-level students. Guns are not necessary for atrocities to happen.

The people of Dunblane know that they are in the thoughts and prayers of the civilised people of the world and they need to be allowed to grieve with dignity and privacy.

Elisabeth Rowland

London SE23