Letter: Einstein's relative belief in God's existence

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Sir: Although Albert Einstein did not believe in a personal God who intervenes in history, he accepted the existence of God as a rational designer, who 'reveals himself in the orderly harmony of what exists' (New York Times, 1929).

Martin Buber, in The Knowledge of Man, recalls that Einstein, describing to him the scientist's task, said: 'What we strive for is just to draw his lines after Him.' So M. F. Perutz (Letters, 22 March) is right, as against William Genge (Letters, 26 March).

Incidentally, few of your correspondents distinguish between religion and theology. The latter is, or should be, a disciplined inquiry into beliefs about God, His nature and actions. I am at a loss to see how Larry Adler connects this with the IRA (Letters, 26 March).

Yours faithfully,



26 March